Cat & Mouse

Cat & Mouse

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Platforms: Windows / Mac

"Cat & Rat" is roguelike game which contain backpackage manage and auto-chess element.Player can expand the backpackage to place more stone,summon stronger army.Upgrade the hero and learn more skill.Defead the mouse army.

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  • 萌宠治愈画风
  • 背包收纳
  • 兵种多路线升级
  • 高自由度技能配置


You're a hero

Choose a hero and continue to improve your abilities and learn new skills along the way. Lead an army of cats to victory!
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Manage your backpack

Without a backpack you have nothing! Pay attention to constantly expanding your backpack space, always adjusting the backpack storage items. Summon a powerful army of cats and kittens with the summoning stones in your backpack.

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Happy Shopping
You can spend all gold to buy any items you found.Full Your backpackage!

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Mighty Cat Soldier
Synthesize and upgrade the Summoning Stones through unique recipes, allowing them to summon even more powerful Cat Soldiers!

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Form your own genre
Form different cat soldiers to fight against strong enemies!
Collect magic scrolls to unleash powerful magic and instantly turn the tide of battle.

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