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Platforms: Windows

Roguelite shooter with Robots addicted to Emotion substance. Blast crazy mechs with a myriad of Weapon x Addins combinations. Talk to Bosses to change their combat style. Play solo or with friends!

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  • Robots+Dungeon+Shooter
  • 15 weapons + 70 Modifications
  • 5 Gear with random Stats
  • Talk with bosses to alter their combat style
  • Deep Meta Progression
  • NPC Quests
  • Base Building


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Each Emotional robot has its own unique Abilities and skill trees to explore during the run. Pride is covered by a reflection ShieldLove conquers enemies to fight on your sideSorrow brings the support mech dogJoy summons a friend, and Anger just goes berserk.

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Weapons can be heavily altered with Add-Ins that enhance certain aspects of your gun or outright change the way it operates. Change the bullets' trajectory, add additional effects — you can even freeze time!

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Lords of the mech world have gone insane due to the Mood Solution. The only option is to reboot them, but to do so you need to try and defeat them first. Before engaging in battle, choose your dialogue options based on your emotion class. You might not talk them out of the fight, but they could greatly decrease their fighting spirit... or go berserk.

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  • Base Building

Transform barren robot junkyard into a cozy base. Meet friendly mechs through your journey and invite them to your place.

  • Local Multiplayer

This is the game you can play together with your friends! Choose beta branch and invite up to 3 friends through LAN.

  • Procedural Generation

Blast your way through procedural dungeons in classic rogue-lite style! Each biome has unique enemies and environmental hazards. No run will be the same!  

  • Fierce Battles

Engage in heated battles! Disassemble or get disassembled - Mercy is not an emotion these mechs have, so be prepared to get riddled with bullets.

  • Upgrade Yourself

Learn from your mistakes, upgrade and head back. Unlock more weapons, enhancements and gears, as well as increase your stats.

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