The Witch in The Woods

The Witch in The Woods

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Platforms: Windows / Mac

In the treacherous Greywind Forest, a mysterious and dangerous witch resides. Nellie enters the forest, driven by her own motives. A fateful encounter awaits as their paths intertwine in this captivating light Yuri fantasy visual novel. Unveil the secrets that lie ahead and make your choices.

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  • A light Yuri Visual Novel set in a fantasy world
  • Female protagonist
  • Multiple Endings


The Witch in The Woods is a light Yuri visual novel set in a fantasy world of magic and mystery. Delve into a captivating narrative filled with monster encounters, secrets, betrayal, love, and tenderness. Your choices will lead to different outcomes.


The perilous Greywind Forest has long been avoided by all who dare to tread its path. According to legend, the forest is home to beings beyond the norm, more dangerous than wild beasts. Once inside, escape seems impossible.

Rumors abound of a malevolent family of witches dwelling deep within the forest, harvesting the blood of young girls for their dark arts. Though believed to have left Greywind Forest, one of these witches has now resurfaced.

Nellie, driven by her motivations, dauntlessly enters the Greywind Forest. There, she crosses paths with the mesmerizing yet dangerous witch. What twists of fate await her in this fateful encounter?


✦ Immerse yourself in a touching story set in a mysterious fantasy world, full of surprises and secrets.

✦ Embark on thrilling adventures and face monstrous adversaries as you uncover hidden truths.

✦ Enjoy 30+ beautiful CGs that enhance the story and atmosphere.

✦ Your choices matter! Experience the exciting story with branching paths and multiple endings.

Step into the mystical world of The Witch in the Woods and embark on an emotionally resonant journey, where your decisions lead to diverse and unforgettable outcomes. Will you uncover the secrets of the witches and unlock the potential for love and friendship amidst the darkness?


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