Heaven’s Censorship Bureau

Heaven’s Censorship Bureau

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Platforms: Windows / Mac / Linux / Web

A somehow realistic game in which you play as an angel officer of Heaven’s Censorship Bureau, judging the mortal movies and sentencing every "inappropriate" things to death.

Made for Mini Jam 119: Heaven² - Everything Can Die.

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  • 荒诞现实主义
  • 短流程
  • 搞笑


All parts are made by me alone in 2 days. Please forgive me for the poooor readability of UI, as a result of my poor programming.  **I am just a jobless writer. XD

I didn't make the audio just for laziness, I confess.

Special thanks for NovelAI, and magiconch.com. They provided great art tools for some amatuer photoshoper like me to create game arts. 


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