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Platforms: Windows

Game Information

Survive in a chaotic world, full of Demons and Heavy Metal music,

Enter to hell by closing your eyes.



NeverBlink is a game that immerses you in a chaotic world in which the dimension of the underworld blends with our world. 

You are a boy who, due to an accident, has the ability to switch dimensions by closing his eyes.  

Try to Survive the demonic hordes and defeat the Giant in an environment full of heavy metal music.

Developed by Alan Antich, "Indie Omega Studios"



Rate and Comment bellow your HighScore and feelings about the game !

Also Report Bugs and your ideas for upcoming updates !!  :D

*U need a powerful PC to run this game correctly

NovaPress Reviews


A comment on NeverBlink

It seems that i should write this in English.But in fact, I just speak easy English.So,there may be mistakes and inaccurate expressions.Don't mind that.Thanks.
The story is about the hell and the real world(or paradise?) When the character blink his eyes,he'll see the devils from hell.To tell the truth,I was frightened as the devils appear.The drawing is amazing and excellent.The setting is also appealing.
However,when the character turns around,it is not as smooth as i thought.So, the devil behind my back is quite disturbing.The game is a little difficult to me,though.
In brief,this game is very good.I hope more functions(玩法)can be added to the future version.Wish you good luck.