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NovaPress is a brand new service based on the existing communications system of indienova. Its aim is to provide developers / publishers with the means to quickly and easily communicate with Chinese medias, influencers, publishers and agencies. We started this project at the end of 2016, and now the system’s testing phase has officially begun.

Gamers Flow

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Publishers Flow

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Testers / gamers Instruction Guide

On the front page of NovaPress, you can see the list of games available for testing and you can choose the games you want play.

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As shown in the figure, the box with a calendar on the bottom right corner means that the test has not begun, while the one with a lock means that the test is closed. However, you can choose to follow them in order to receive notifications once their statuses have changed. Tests without those restrictions will be open for test applications; you can browse through their information and apply by clicking them directly.

Testers: application

The application method is relevant to the particular test type:

  1. Apply to receive an Activation Code. Developers / publishers will provide one or more Activation Codes on various platforms for players to choose from.
  2. Apply for a download link. Developers / publishers will provide the download link for the Test Version.
  3. Apply for TestFlight™ test on Apple’s iOS. Developers / publishers have the option to add testers via TestFlight™ with the TestFlight™ account provided by applicants.

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The application process varies between these three options. Click directly to apply for an Activation Code. You will need to provide some extra information in order to receive the download link. For TestFlight™ test applications, you will need to provide your TestFlight™ account (the site will record this automatically so that you don’t need to provide it again).

Testers: waiting for the application result

After applying, all you need to do is wait for the result. You can check the status of your application at any time. It may take some time as the developers / publishers sometimes go offline. You will see the result on the checking page as soon as it is available.

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The figure above shows an example of successfully receiving a steam Activation Code. The Activation Code will not appear until you collect it manually. The other figure shows what the page looks like after your Activation Code has been collected. If the Activation Code has not been left uncollected for a long time (or is collected after the expiration date), you will lose the opportunity to get it. Developers / publishers themselves are able to withdraw access as well.

Testers: submitting an evaluation

Submitting an evaluation is not necessary, but we strongly encourage you to give some feedback to developers / publishers to help make their game better.

Your evaluation is not restricted to being released on indienova, testers are allowed to release them anywhere in any form including article or video. All we want you to do is to give genuine feedback to developers / publishers.

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Testers: Gaining credits for evaluation

After being submitted, your evaluation will be graded by developers / publishers depending on the content. The more reliable and active a participant you are in testing and the more detailed your feedback, the more credits you will receive. Other developers / publishers may be more willing to give you the opportunity to test their game because the credits can be seen in the application list.

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As in the image shown here, your credits will be recorded and accumulated for all eternity. Please be serious in giving your feedback since it is highly relevant to your future chance of getting other test opportunities.

So, get applying right now!

Developer / Publishers Instruction Guide

The NovaPress system allows developers to publish and manage tests, handle received requests, and communicate with testers.

Publishers: publishing a new test opportunity

Before you publish a new test, as a developer / publishers you should already have registered the appropriate game information on indienova, so it can ready for the delivery and distribution of game test keys.

Current available types of game test include the following three:

  1. Activation Key: the developer / publishers can provide multi-platform game keys for players to select.
  2. Demo Build: the developer / publishers can distribute download links of builds to those participating players.
  3. TestFlight™ Testing: developers / publishers add players as testers by using their TestFlight™ account details and releasing a test build on iOS.

New Test Publication Interface as below:

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(1) Game Selection. Pick a game that is already visible to the public on indienova. If there is only one, it will be set as default.

(2) Game Information. Game Display information: while the game logo is set to be the default picture, you can upload other images as well. You do not need to put in game information as the system will automatically extract this from the registration, but you can add additional details if you want.

(3) Type Selection. Select the type of test build - as mentioned before, there are three types in total: Activation Key, Demo Build, and TestFlight™.

(4) Date Setting. You can specify multiple dates, include date, starting date, ending date, and release date, etc. All are editable.

  • Live date: When the test is visible to the public. If this is set in the future, your test will not be displayed before the specified date. If you have set specified date, it should not be later than the specified teststart and end date;
  • Start date: The official date for the start of test distribution;
  • End date: The end date of your test. If the specified date is reached, the test will automatically be closed and players will no longer able to apply;
  • Release date: The release day of game for reference and sorting.

(5) Additional Requirements. If you have additional requirements, please enter them here.

  • Whether to allow information to be transferred to others: If selected, then it does not allow player to transfer information to the others;
  • Embargo date: If selected, the tester is not allowed to post reviews or any related news before the specified date;
  • Other requirements: You can set other requirements that are not listed here.
Distribute Activation Key

If you select to distribute an activation key, then you must pick at least one platform. There will be a field for you to enter the activation key after you have selected the corresponding platform. You should paste keys separated in new lines, keys will be encrypted when the entry is submitted to the database. You can skip this part for now and come back later to add or modify.

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Issue Download Link

If a demo test build is provided for download, you should first select the operating system. Currently availble: Windows / Mac / Linux / Android; you can provide up to three download addresses of the test build, and you must fill in at least one.

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TestFlight™ is easier, additional information is not required.

Publishers: Edit Test Information

Once you have successfully submitted game test information, it will appear in your game list and you can modify and edit the test information, activation keys, download addresses, etc.

Typically the game may display as below: (Using activation key distribution as an example, it will be slightly different for demo download and TestFlight™)

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Edit / Handle Activation Key

Different from demo download and TestFlight™, this is the relatively complicated part. You can add new platforms for the test, and extra activation keys for currently available platforms; you can even withdraw those unused keys. All keys are encrypted in the server; the server will not keep any data related to keys once the key has been redeemed.

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Manage Test

You can modify your test here:

  • Open / Close Test: You can select to open or close testing that is in progress - if it is marked as closed, no new test applications will be received.
  • Stop Testing: End a test completely; all requests will be closed and no longer available
  • Delete Testing: Delete a test; all requests will be closed and no longer available

Publishers: Manage Test Request

Once the test is officially published, it will be visible to everyone and users can apply to test (if it has not been specified or the start date is reached). Having activation key distribution as an example, from the players point of view, the test introduction interface would appear like this:

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Players can apply for testing on different platforms.

View Test Request

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You can view test statuses in your game list. Important data from tests will be shown at the bottom line; click “Manage Request” to view requests that are waiting for processing:

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You can view a list of players that are waiting for processing on this page. Currently they are classified as: All Requests, Verified Member Requests, and Ordinary Member Requests. Requests from Verified Members will be prioritized (it will display all requests if there are none). You can filter and sort requests via various methods.

You can accept or reject requests as you decide.

View Request Status

Once you have implemented an action for requests, you can view the detail status of those requests; this data will be displayed on the front page and game page like so:

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Some testers will have conversations with you, so there will be new message notifications (if you haven’t accepted requests, these testers will not be able to communicate with you, only those whose requests you have accepted can have conversations). Shown in the above picture, a tester has written a review; you can enter and view the details:

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It comes to the last stage: you can rate the member for this test.

Test Rating

You can rate the testers’ review; after rating the conversation between two parties will come to the end.

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Generally, 0 Points is perhaps your standard choice; if you think the review or feedback is worthy, you can rate the tester with a maximum of 2 Points. Other developers / publishers may use this rating as a reference; members with higher points may be their priority choice for granting test eligibility.

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This conversation will be closed when the rating is completed.