The Legacy:
Realm of Terror

Magnetic Scrolls, 1993

Magnetic Scrolls, 1993

在 《遗产(The Legacy: Realm of Terror)》中,你要扮演一栋豪宅的继承人。你一进门,门就自动锁上了。走廊上全是游荡的僵尸,你还会在宅子各处找到令人不安的小纸条,上面详细记载了邪教仪式。

如果这听上去和同一年发售的《鬼屋魔影(Alone in the Dark, 1992)》很像的话,那你确实没想错。它们就是很相像。这两部游戏甚至都采用了同样的洛夫克拉夫特式(Lovecraftian)风格,虽然《遗产》的玩家手册中坚称自己的游戏灵感来源是 Edgar Allan Poe 的《厄舍府的沒落(The Fall of the House of Usher)》。

The Legacy casts you as the heir of a mansion. As soon as you enter it, the door locks itself, zombies infest the hallways and you begin to find disturbing notes detailing occult rituals.

If this sounds similar to Alone in the Dark (1992), released in the same year, that's because it is. A lot. They even share a heavy Lovecraftian tone, even if the manual insists that The Legacy was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher story.

Magnetic Scrolls 是一个英国公司,于 80 年代制作了许多文字冒险游戏,如《卒(The Pawn, 1985)》和《盗贼工会(The Guild of Thieves, 1987)》。《遗产》是他们出品的最后一部游戏。

Magnetic Scrolls was a British company that developed many text adventure games during the 80s, such as The Pawn (1985) and The Guild of Thieves (1987). The Legacy was their last game.

当时看来,游戏的视觉风格是非常先进的,而且界面 UI 是可以调整大小的窗口,而且可以拖拽。

The visuals of the game were very advanced for the time, and the interface is based on resizeable windows that can be moved around.


The Legacy presents several pre-made heirs for you to choose, such as a retired marine, a businesswoman or a journalist, but you can also create your own.

《鬼屋魔影》主要的侧重点是解谜和一些致命的怪物,而《遗产》则是 RPG 游戏。说得更精确一点,《遗产》是地牢探索游戏。《遗产》的每个关卡都是一座扭曲的迷宫,里面充斥着单向门、陷阱、传送们和隐藏要素——即使有屏幕上小地图的帮助,你也很难找到正确路线。

怪兽的种类繁多。从僵尸到异次元生物,你要做好频繁战斗的准备。和《迷宫魔兽(地牢大师 / Dungeon Master)》一样,战斗是实时进行的,每场战斗胜利都会给你经验值以提升属性和技能——不过,战斗也可能会消耗宝贵的资源。




总体来说,《遗产》是一部小众而富有魅力的 RPG 游戏,其最终呈现的效果领先于时代,游戏中不乏惊心动魄的紧张时刻。然而,一旦那些洛夫克拉夫特式的怪物成了烂大街的杂鱼,其神秘的氛围也随之烟消云散。对于地牢探险式游戏的狂热粉来说,本作依然是一部佳作,但大家也能轻易得出结论:相比之下,《鬼屋魔影》是一部更好的恐怖游戏。

However, while Alone in the Dark was about puzzle-solving and a few deadly monsters, The Legacy is an RPG. A dungeon crawler, to be precise. Each level is a twisting maze, filled with one-way doors, traps, teleporters and secrets – challenging to navigate even with the help of the on-screen mini-map.

Monsters are also plentiful. From zombies to extra-dimensional beings, be prepared to fight a lot. Combat is in real time, much like Dungeon Master, and each victory gives you XP to improve your stats and skills – but will likely also cost valuable resources.

And that's the challenge: resource management. Health items are extremely rare, as are bullets and crystals that restore magic power. You can rest to heal, but only at rare safe areas – and sleeping makes you hungry, so you're limited by food availability.

As such, Realm of Terror can be a very difficult and frustrating game – one that might force you to load an old save file or even restart if you wasted too much ammo, magic or health early on and can't proceed. Its first few hours can be punishing for newcomers, especially if they spent points on the “wrong” skills, but that's also when the atmosphere is at its best.

Sadly, once you're better prepared, the tension dims and inventory management becomes the main challenge. The game has dozens of weapons, items and puzzle pieces, but you can carry very few of them at once. You'll often find a puzzle and be forced to backtrack to grab its solution. Luckily, the monsters don't respawn – if you bothered to kill them.

Overall, The Legacy is an exotic and charming RPG, with a presentation ahead of its time and some tense moments. But once its Lovecraftian monsters become trash mobs, most of that atmosphere vanishes. It's still great for dungeon crawler fans, but it's easy to see why Alone in the Dark is the superior horror game.

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