巫术 4:
Wizardry IV:
The Return of Werdna

Sir-Tech, 1987
Apple II, DOS 和 PC-98

Sir-Tech, 1987
Apple II, DOS and PC-98

巫术 4:沃德纳归来(Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna)不仅仅只是传奇的《巫术》系列的第四部作品,众所周知,它也是著名的电脑 RPG 游戏史上最难的游戏。大多数玩家甚至无法离开游戏的第一个房间。顺便说一句:《巫术 4》至今仍是最具创新的 RPG 之一。

《巫术 4》颠覆了标准 RPG 前提。在这个游戏中,您扮演的角色是沃德纳(Werdna),这是您在《巫术 1》中所击败的反派,他试图逃离地下监狱。由于他的力量被剥夺了,所以开始时他非常虚弱。

游戏摒弃了惯用的以经验为基础的角色养成系统,让你依靠召唤的怪物,只能在魔法五角星——地牢中特定的、稀疏的地点增加你的力量,这样你的力量就直接与你的进度挂钩了。与怪物结盟,与冒险家们进行战斗。简而言之,《巫术 4》中,你要控制怪物阵营与冒险家们进行战斗。



Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna, is not just the fourth game in the legendary Wizardry series – it's famously the hardest game in the history of computer RPGs. The majority of those who have played the game were unable to leave the very first room. Incidentally, Wizardry IV remains to this day one of the most innovative RPGs.

Wizardry IV turns the standard RPG premise on its head. In this game you play Werdna, the villain you defeated back in Wizardry I, trying to escape his escape-proof underground prison. Stripped of his powers, Werdna starts out extremely weak.

Doing away with the customary experiencebased character development system, the game has you rely on summoned monsters and only increase your power at magical pentagrams – specific, sparsely placed points in the dungeon – so that your power is directly tied to your progress. Allied with monsters, you battle parties of adventurers fully intent on banishing you back to your eternal rest. Simply put, Wizardry IV has you fight as a monster party against an adventuring party.

Monsters are, however, an unruly bunch. They do not follow Werdna's orders directly. To make things worse, most enemies you encounter – Werdna sarcastically dubs them “do-gooders” – can kill you in one or at most two hits, and you tend to encounter them every other step. An unlucky roll of a die, a wrong step or a foolish decision, and bam! you're dead and have to reload the game.

Beginning at the bottom of the dungeon, you struggle to climb up to the surface. Useful loot is minimal, being mostly limited to puzzle-related items, and there's no way of telling a plot-critical item from a fluff one beforehand. And even if by some miracle the enemies don't get you, the dungeon itself will.

《巫术 4》被推迟了几年。在开发过程中,罗伯特・伍德海德(Robert Woodhead)和罗伊・亚当斯三世(Roe Adams III)开始以给日本动画打字幕为爱好,后来创立了官方动漫发行商 AnimEigo

Wizardry IV was delayed for many years. During the development, Robert Woodhead and Roe Adams III began to subtitle Japanese anime as a hobby, later founding AnimEigo, an official anime distributor.

所以,《巫术 4》具有最虐心的,也最出色的地牢和谜题设计,除了《迷宫魔兽:混沌逆袭(Dungeon Master: Chaos Strikes Back)》或《巫域之心(The Dark Heart of Uukrul)》之外,没有其他 RPG 可以与之抗衡。游戏中地牢本身基本上就是一个大谜题,你必须搞清楚才能前进,或者至少是生存下去。

如果你想体验一些奇妙而又令人难以置信的惩罚性地牢,一定要看看请务必游玩《巫术 4》。

To that end, Wizardry IV features the most sadistic, and brilliant, dungeon and puzzle design that no other RPG, except maybe Chaos Strikes Back or The Dark Heart of Uukrul or can compete with, where the dungeon itself is basically one large puzzle that you must figure out to progress or at least survive.

If you're in the mood for some fantastic and incredibly punishing dungeons, be sure to check out Wizardry IV.

你面对的敌人实际上是前作游戏中其他玩家的阵容,它们是通过邮件提交给 SirTech 的。

The enemies you face are actually other player's parties from previous games that were submitted to Sir-Tech by mail.


Each pentagram offers a different set of monsters to be summoned.

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