South Park:
The Stick of Truth

Obsidian Entertainment, 2014
Windows, PS3 和 Xbox 360

Obsidian Entertainment, 2014
Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360

我第一次看《南方公园:真理之杖(South Park: The Stick of Truth)》的时候,感觉就像是在看原版的《南方公园》动画——很像是那集著名的“要爱,不要魔兽世界”(Make Love, Not Warcraft)。部分原因是因为游戏的美术完美还原了原作,而且所有的配音甚至部分剧本都是由剧集的原作者 Matt Stone 和 Trey Parker 亲自完成的。

然而正是节奏让《真理之杖》更像原作。RPG 游戏总是倾向于做得很长,文本重复而且充满无意义的拖时长环节(Obisidian 经常会做出这种事),但是这款游戏短小精悍,节奏紧凑——正像《南方公园》剧集一样。《真理之杖》是一部喜剧,其中的小孩都在玩角色扮演,所有的规则、数据、战斗以及其它的 RPG 常见元素都是讲笑话的工具。

The first time I saw The Stick of Truth, it felt like I was watching the TV show – maybe something like their famous “Make Love, Not Warcraft” episode. This was partially because the visuals of the game perfectly match those of the show, and all the voices and even some of the writing is done by the show creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

However, what truly makes The Stick of Truth feel like the show is its pacing. RPGs have a tendency of being long, overwritten and full of pointless filler (something Obsidian often struggles with), but here you have a game that is short, concise and fast-paced – just like the TV show. It's a comedy about kids playing an RPG, and all its rules, stats, battles and other genre tropes are used as tools to deliver jokes.



You control your kid and a friend during combat, using melee attacks, ranged weapons, skills, items, summons and farts to beat your foes.

菜单模仿 Facebook 页面的形式来呈现,角色把你加为好友,还会评论最近发生的事件。

The menus are displayed as if they were a Facebook page, with characters adding you as a friend and commenting on recent events.

玩家扮演的角色是一名刚刚搬到南方公园的“新孩子”,你现在要加入卡特曼(Cartman)还有他的朋友们,一起玩一场华丽的的 RPG 游戏。这里有整座小镇可以供你探索,还有到位的玩梗,到处都在梗原作或者开原作的玩笑。


游戏的战斗是回合制的,机制上很像《纸片马里奥》(Paper Mario)系列:你可以通过在恰当的时机按键来强化攻击和防御。战斗很容易,也很不平衡,但是战斗的目标并不是要难为玩家,而是在于搞笑——你能听到滑稽的挑衅,把放屁当作魔法来用,在战斗中躲开巨大的睾丸,还能召唤耶稣来击败敌人。

游戏时长只有大约 10-15 小时,在变得重复或者江郎才尽之前恰到好处地停了下来——这正是很多 RPG 应该做的。

续作《南方公园:完整破碎(South Park: The Fractured but Whole,2017)》从 Obsidian 手中转到了 Ubisoft 的内部工作室,这给游戏带来了一些改变。这一作中,孩子们扮成超级英雄,模仿 Marvel 和 DC 的电影,然而这一作欠缺了前作的新颖性和紧凑的节奏。《完整破碎》加入了更复杂的角色系统以及基于网格的战术战斗方式,这取悦了一部分玩家,但也让人感觉有些走偏了。在一款搞笑游戏里花大量时间去玩战术战斗,就有点像为了剧情去玩《毁灭战士(Doom)》一样。

无论如何,这两作游戏对于《南方公园》粉丝来说都趣味十足,也能让那些对滑稽的小巧冒险感兴趣的人玩得开心。不过如果你想要找一款具有深度的 RPG,那应该找点别的游戏。

You play as “the new kid”, who just moved into South Park and joins Cartman and his friends in playing an elaborate RPG-like game. The entire town is available for you to explore, and it's a fan-service overload, packed with jokes and references to the show.

As your kid explores and completes quests, he'll make friends (who can join him in battle) and find new equipment, allowing you to customise his look and skills. Each area is short and only has a few battles, most of which can be skipped by using the environment – such as farting on a candle to burn nearby enemies. This helps keep the pace tight and avoid repetition.

Combat is turn-based and very similar to the Paper Mario series, where you can empower attacks and block with timed button presses. It's easy and unbalanced, but its goal is not to challenge players – it's there to deliver jokes, allowing you to listen to funny taunts, use farts as magic, dodge giant testicles mid-battle and summon Jesus to kill your foes.

Lasting only about 10-15 hours, the game ends before becoming repetitive or running out of ideas – something that more RPGs should do.

The sequel, South Park: The Fractured but Whole (2017), ditched Obsidian in favour of Ubisoft's internal studio, which brought several changes. Now the kids are playing as superheroes and parodying Marvel and DC movies, but the game lacks the novelty and tight pacing of its predecessor. It adds a more complex character system and grid-based tactical battles, which pleased some players, yet feels somewhat misguided. Spending a lot of time fighting tactical battles in a comedy game is a bit like playing Doom for the story.

Nevertheless, both titles are a joy to South Park fans and will please those interested in a funny and short adventure. But if you're looking for a deep RPG, there are way better options out there.

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