质量效应 3
Mass Effect 3

BioWare, 2012
Windows, PS3 和 Xbox 360

BioWare, 2012
Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360

质量效应 2(Mass Effect 2)通过对初代作品的游戏系统进行精简获得了口碑和商业上的双丰收,本作作为系列的第三部作品也自然而然地延续了相同的设计思路。

《质量效应 3(Mass Effect 3)》是一部典型的迭代作品,加入了新内容的同时对旧有部分进行了打磨和优化。它甚至延续了《质量效应 2》吃书传统,带来了更多的设定矛盾,而且与之前一样对此毫不感到羞耻。

故事承接自《质量效应 2》的最后一个 DLC《降临》(Arrival)。此时薛帕德指挥官(Commander Shepard)正被软禁在地球上。在完成了作为幽灵(Spectre)的任务并结束了在赛伯鲁斯(Cerberus)的工作之后,薛帕德回到了星联(System Alliance)。此时他(或她)正被星联议会传唤,议会希望详细了解他(或她)对于即将到来的收割者的警告——政府还在怀疑收割者威胁的真实性!



Streamlining the original Mass Effect's gameplay systems allowed its sequel to reach much higher commercial and critical success, so it was only natural for the third game to follow the same path, which is exactly what happened.

Mass Effect 3 is a very iterative addition to the series, focusing on new content, polish and refinement in certain aspects. It even introduces a fresh batch of lore inconsistencies to supplement those already present in ME2, and is equally shameless about this.

The story follows directly from Mass Effect 2'sfinal DLC (Arrival), with Commander Shepard grounded on Earth (having apparently returned to active duty in System Alliance after his/her Spectre and Cerberus episodes) and facing a hearing regarding the warnings of an imminent Reaper invasion – which the government still doubts is a threat or even exists!

Reapers show an ironic sense of humour and invade at this exact moment, forcing our hero to jump straight into action and once again travel across the galaxy in search of a way to defeat the enemy, as well as gathering allies and resources for a counter-attack.

As usual, Shepard is aided in this task by a team of trustworthy companions, who are a mix of old friends returning from previous games and a few new faces.

除了难度选项,《质量效应 3》还提供了“动作”模式和“剧情”模式。如果选择前者,对话将完全以过场动画的形式播放;而若选择了后者,战斗就会变得异常简单。

In addition to difficulty levels, Mass Effect 3 features the “Action” and “Story” modes. The former changes dialogues into cinematics, while the latter makes combat extremely easy.

本作中的角色系统和《质量效应 2》差不多,但大部分能力现在都有了两种不同的分支来对应不同的玩法。

The character system remains similar to that of Mass Effect 2, but now most powers can branch into two different playstyles.


作为三部曲的终章,《质量效应 3》对前作中那些还没讲完的故事进行了收尾。其中不乏令人印象深刻的故事线,玩家做出的选择也对其影响重大;但也有一些剧情显得枯燥乏味,还有一些与前作中牺牲的角色几乎完全一样的人突然冒了出来,并接替了他们的位置。但无论如何,这种试图在三部游戏中为玩家创造一种连贯体验的努力是值得尊敬的。

不过剧情中的有些问题实在是圆不回来,尤其是突然遍布全银河的赛伯鲁斯和薛帕德那不怎么说得通的反击计划。《质量效应 2》里的叙事套路在本作中再次被发扬光大,游戏时常无视之前解释过的概念,还经常强迫玩家无助地看着自己无力改变的事件在眼前发生。

在游戏体验上,《质量效应 3》基本上沿用了《质量效应 2》中的设计,并在每一方面都对其进行了打磨。游戏的动作体验比前两作都要好,本作的枪械手感即使与同时期的射击游戏相比也毫不落后,各种不同的角色技能更是为战斗带来了更深的层次和更多的变数。职业系统经过了修改和重新平衡,鼓励玩家尝试更多的游戏风格和玩法。


While there are way fewer squad-mates than in ME2, they offer many skills to choose from and match to your personal tastes. Almost all companions are potential ‘love interests', to the point where it seems this feature was a priority when deciding on the cast. Sadly, there's no Krogan party member this time.

Being the trilogy's finale, Mass Effect 3 offers resolutions and follow-ups to various story arcs from previous games. Some of them are an impressive display of storytelling and attention to player choice, while others are somewhat lacklustre, with near-identical replacement characters showing up to take the place of those who did not survive. Still, the sheer amount of effort put into creating a coherent player-affected narrative between the three games warrants respect.

However, it's impossible to defend some plot points, especially Cerberus' ridiculous omnipresence and Shepard's unexplainable plan to stop the Reapers. The contrivances felt in ME2 are back in force, as the game often ignores previously established concepts or forces players to helplessly watch certain events.

Gameplay-wise, Mass Effect 3 is basically the same as ME2, but more polished in every way. The action part feels better than ever with gunplay easily on par with contemporary shooters and a variety of characters' abilities introducing another layer to the combat dynamic. All the classes have been changed and rebalanced, encouraging players to try out new builds and allowing for vastly different playstyles.

In addition, Shepard is now much less restricted when it comes to loadout, as every class is able to use every weapon. Weapons can also be customised by modifying them with various components, such as extended magazines or accuracy-improving scopes. These welcome changes allow for some very interesting and fun combinations of guns and abilities.

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