创世纪 6:
Ultima VI:
The False Prophet

Origin Systems, 1990
MS-DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, C64 和 SNES*

Origin Systems, 1990
MS-DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, C64 and SNES*

我想,在《创世纪 6(Ultima VI)》首次发行时,一定震惊了《创世纪》系列的粉丝。它的画面与该系列前五部作品的设计大相径庭。双比例尺的世界不复存在,取而代之的是全彩色的等轴图形画面和连续、开放的世界等待着玩家的化身(Avatar)。

从推出的第一时间起,《创世纪 6》就标志着自己与众不同。回合制战斗是玩家体验游戏的第一个方面,而最初的战斗则在不列颠之王的王室中进行!

这是一幅残酷的画面,随着游戏的开始:大不列颠正遭受一个新的可怕的敌人的攻击。石像鬼已经走出了地底世界的深处,杀死了许多王国的士兵,并夺取了八座美德圣殿。阻止他们的任务就交给你了。因此,《创世纪 6》似乎为一个非常普通的故事做了铺垫,讲的是一个英雄将一个幻想王国的怪物军队赶走的故事。如果这是其他游戏,那很可能就是它全部的游戏剧情了。

Ultima VI must have come as a shock to Ultima fans when it was first released, so wildly did its graphics depart from the design of the first five titles in the series. Gone were the overhead tiles and dual-scale worlds that had been staples of the series; full-colour isometric graphics and a continuous, open world awaited the Avatar.

From the first moments of its introduction, Ultima VI marks itself as different. The turn-based combat is the first aspect of the game that players experience, and the initial battle plays out in the middle of Lord British's throne room!

It's a grim picture that is painted as the game opens: Britannia is under attack by a new and terrifying foe. The Gargoyles have marched out of the depths of the world, killed many of the realm's soldiers, and have seized the eight Shrines of Virtue. And it's up to you to stop them. Ultima VI thus seems to set up a very generic tale about a hero ridding a fantasy realm of an army of monsters. And were this any other game, that might well have been the scope of its story.

*得益于 Nuvie 的存在,《创世纪 6》也可以在 Windows、Linux 和 Mac OS X 下运行。该游戏还有一个日本的 FM-Towns 版本,增加了理查德・加里奥特和其他 Origin 员工的配音。

*Thanks to Nuvie, Ultima VI can also be played under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The game also had a Japanese FM-Towns version that added voice acting by Richard Garriott and other Origin employees.


The Shrines of Virtue allow the Avatar to level up, once they have been liberated. Each confers different stat bonuses, based on its respective Virtues.

但这是一个《创世纪》。《创世纪》系列一直以出色的叙事扭转了其表面的故事。我们很快就会发现,石像鬼对大不列颠有所不满,这颠覆了玩家在《创世纪 4(Ultima IV)》和《创世纪 5(Ultima V)》中看似高贵的举动。


事实上,《创世纪 6》让玩家可以选择几乎完全避免使用暴力的方法。甚至不需要升级也能完成游戏,只有两三场战斗是不可避免的。(开局之战,显然不是其中之一。)聪明的玩家在很大程度上可以找到方法,用非暴力的方法来完成游戏的每一个情节,有些情节甚至是可以完全跳过的。

并不是说有人想去战斗就找不到了。在不列颠尼亚有很多随机遭遇战。《创世纪 6》的怪物通常不难打败,即使是在较低的经验水平下也是如此,但其中一些怪物在战斗中可能是真正难以对付的。(经过战斗洗礼的玩家甚至可以在德斯塔德之龙身上测试他们的勇气……如果他们敢的话)。

当然,您不需要独自一人去不列颠尼亚。在过去的游戏中,玩家的同伴遍布世界各地,其中有些人渴望再次加入您的行列。还可以找到新的 NPC,以进一步填补队伍,并且最多可以招募 7 名队员。

But this is an Ultima; Ultima VI twists its story around in a brilliant act of narrative subversion. The Gargoyles, we soon learn, have a legitimate grievance against Britannia, one which upends the Avatar's seemingly noble actions in Ultima IV and Ultima V.

For, as the player will soon learn, the Codex was not Britannia's to claim; it has, in fact, been stolen. And the rescue of Lord British precipitated a horrifying cataclysm that devastated the Gargoyle people and their home. Now, bereft of their holy book and reeling from the destruction of much of their world, they have set out to pay back Britannia in kind for its misdeeds. And it is only by finding a way to reconcile the warring sides that the Avatar can prevail.

In fact, Ultima VI gives players the option to almost completely avoid the use of violence. It isn't even necessary to level up to finish the game, and there are only two or three fights that are genuinely unavoidable. (The opening battle, notably, is not one of these.) Clever players can, for the most part, find ways to carry out each piece of the game's plot using non-violent methods, and some parts of the plot can even be skipped entirely.

Not that one can't find combat if one goes looking for it; there are plenty of random encounters scattered across Britannia. Ultima VI's monsters are usually not difficult to best even at lower experience levels, but some of them can be truly devastating in combat. (Battle-hardened Avatars can even test their mettle against the dragons of Destard... if they dare.)

Of course, you don't need to throw yourself out into Britannia alone. The Avatar's companions from previous games can be found all across the land, some of them eager to join you again. New NPCs can also be found, to further fill out the ranks, and up to seven party members can be recruited.

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