《阿尔比恩》有多种视角模式,探索地牢时通常会切换成第一人称 3D 视角

Albion features various different types of perspective. Dungeons are usually explored in a 3D first-person view.

在建筑物内,你通常以等距视角进行游戏,探索充满物品和 NPC 的丰富环境。

Inside buildings you usually play with an isometric view, exploring rich environments full of items and NPCs.

不是所有地牢都会使用第一人称视角;一些解谜为主的地牢会使用 2D 等距视角进行探索

But not all dungeons are in first-person; some of the more puzzle-intense ones are explored in isometric view.

当怪物接近你时,就会在一个 6x5 的棋盘上开始战斗,战斗系统为回合制,充满挑战

When a monster reaches you, combat begins. It's turn-based, set on a 6x5 tactical grid and very challenging.

你可以组建一只最多 6 人的队伍,每个队友都有预设职业和与世界相关的身世背景,角色的力量等级限制了可携带的物品数量,所以你必须合理安排道具和补给。游戏内存在多种道具,某些道具有特殊的作用,例如:游戏的某个流程中你得到一只表,只能用它显示游戏内时间,这对掌握昼夜循环和商店营业时间相当有帮助。

战斗在一块 5x6 的棋盘上进行,采用回合制系统,充满挑战性,也相当注重策略性,有多达 52 种法术和聪明的敌人促使玩家开战前要做足准备。一场战斗后只要有一个队友活下来,就可以治疗其它队友。角色在战场上的战略部署和一些战术决策,如:保护魔法使,相对于敌人进行移动来获得先攻,将敌人引入武器/魔法的射程范围内等都对赢得战斗至关重要。

You can build a party with up to six members. Each party member has a predefined class and a specific background related to the story, and every character has an inventory which is limited by their strength, so you'll have to micromanage your items and provisions. Albion features many different items, some with very unique purposes. For example, you'll only get an in-game time display if you find a watch at some point in the game, which is good for monitoring the day-and-night cycle and the shops' opening hours.

Battles are turn-based, very challenging and take place in on a 5x6 grid. Combat is very tactical, featuring a whopping 52 spells, and enemies are quite clever - so be prepared. As long as one party member survives you can heal the rest of the party after battle. Strategic positioning of the characters on the battlefield and tactical decisions like protecting magic-users, getting the first attack by moving a character relative to the enemy, luring enemies into weapon/spell ranges etc. are critical to win.

《阿尔比恩》画面精致,杂糅了 2D/3D 美术风格。在大多数城镇和地牢中游戏会切换成 3D 第一人称视角,在建筑物内部或室外则使用 2D 等距视角。游戏操作方法简洁并加入了一个有用的自动地图功能。

Blue Byte 在《阿尔比恩》中创造了一个由动物,植物和城市建筑组成的,栩栩如生的异星世界。探索乐趣十足,可以与大量 NPC 互动,你要想取得胜利,就必须学习他们的风俗文化。主线故事扣人心弦,充满惊喜。游戏中可玩要素满满,对细节的重视程度也是独一份。

《阿尔比恩》是一款精致,优秀,严肃且好玩的游戏,在此我推荐给所有能沉浸在硬核游戏机制和挑战性十足的策略型战斗中的 CRPG 爱好者们。

Dsarii-ma[2] ,朋友!

Albion has beautiful graphics, featuring a 2D/3D hybrid system. When in most towns and dungeons the game switches to a 3D first-person view, while in interior locations and outdoor areas a 2D isometric view is used. The controls are simple and easy to learn, and the game includes a helpful automap feature.

With Albion, Blue Byte has created a fully believable alien world including the fauna, flora and architecture. Exploration is interesting, there are a lot of NPCs to interact with and you'll have to learn their customs and culture to succeed. The storyline is gripping with many surprises, and the whole game features many different gameplay elements, with an attention to detail rarely found elsewhere.

Albion is a beautiful, fascinating, serious and entertaining game that I recommend to all CRPG-fans that are patient and mature enough to understand and enjoy demanding game mechanics and challenging tactical combat.

Dsarii-ma, my friends!


2 译者注:阿尔比恩语,用于打招呼或表示惊讶的情绪。

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