我想给 PC 平台上带来有深度的角色和一场天马行空的冒险史诗,知道吗,就是 PC 端上的主机风格 RPG。《超时空之轮(Chrono Trigger)》这款经典游戏给我留下了深远影响,所以我想让角色们切实经历一场对于他们至关重要的事件,创造一个出全新、自洽的世界观。

I wanted to bring strong characters and a bizarre epic story onto the PC, really, a consolestyle RPG to the PC. I was strongly influenced by Chrono Trigger – a classic game. I wanted the characters to really have things happen that were important to them, and to create a new, consistent universe.

Tom Hall,
Tom Hall,
Anachronox's creator

战斗系统很大程度上是受到了 JRPG 的启发,但非常重视角色移动。

The combat system is heavily inspired by JRPGs, but places a great deal of importance on movement.
For example, melee characters must move near enemies to attack.

不同于随机的遭遇战,本作战斗完全脚本化并与令人信服的世界观高度关联。对于任何玩过日式 RPG 的玩家来说,角色与敌人在单独场景对战的战斗系统可谓是再熟悉不过了。由于尺寸有限的战斗场景会限制角色的移动,所以有时要做些战术考量。

与《最终幻想(Final Fantasy)》经典的 ATB 系统类似,每名角色的行动条会逐渐增长,直到涨满时角色才可以行动。可执行的行动包括攻击、特技或魔法、使用道具、移动到战场的其他地方或是在极少数情况下改变环境。游戏敌人的 AI 几乎构不成威胁,但保护较弱的角色仍是个好主意。


Instead of random encounters, battles are all scripted and tied to a believable world. The combat system should be familiar to anyone who has played Japanese RPGs, with characters facing off against enemies on a separate field. There is a small bit of tactical thought involved, since movement is hindered by the limited size of the combat board.

An initiative bar gradually builds up for each character and they can act once it's full, just like the classic Final Fantasy ATB system. Possible actions include attacks, special skills or magic, the use of items, moving to a different spot on the board or, in some rare cases, manipulating the environment to your advantage. There is hardly any enemy AI to speak about, but it is still a great idea to protect your weaker characters.

Outside combat, you explore the multiple worlds of Anachronox from a third-person view, interacting with its various seedy residents to receive information, quests and lots of verbal abuse.

《源毒》的故事情节以一种扣人心弦的方式结束,因为游戏原计划会有更多的内容,由于时间有限不得不对其进行删减。游戏曾计划推出续作或是扩展内容,可惜销量不佳不了了之。现如今 Tom Hall 仍然经常提及要去完成它。

Anachronox's storyline ends in a cliffhanger of sorts, as the game was planned to be longer, but had to be cut due to time constraints. A sequel/expansion was planned, but the game's sales were poor. Tom Hall still often talks about returning to finish it.




As you gather more companions you'll find out that each one has its own special abilities, which can be used in combat, quest-solving and uncovering secret areas. Lock-picking, hacking and aggressive jabbering are only few of the skills that will be at your disposal. These unique skills can be upgraded if the right trainers/means are discovered.

Like any decent PI, you'll also have to use your camera to photograph clues and evidence needed for your assignments. Anachronox is big and ripe for exploration and as you move on through the game you'll eventually get access to space travel and other planets. The game offers a huge world with a lot of content and nary a dull moment.

It is obvious that Anachronox was a labour of love, created under circumstances that allowed free reign of creativity and encouraged ambitious goals. It's one of those unique games that takes you into its world and leaves a lasting impression. In conclusion, this is a fun experience you shouldn't miss.


You'll come across several mini-games. Some are tied to skills, like lock-picking, but others are much more usual.


Anachronox's writing manages to achieve a great mix of humour, drama, hard sci-fi and epic space opera.

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